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My Business Partners: Lucy Valdman – Lady Bug Creative Landscape & Design

April 15th, 2013


Let me introduce you my business partner – Lady Bug Creative Landscape & Design

ladybug_h[stextbox id=”info” mleft=”0″ mright=”0″ mtop=0″ mbottom=”0″ image=”null” caption=”Lucy Valdman: Welcome to Lady Bug Creative Landscape & Design in Calgary:

We are family owned and operated full service landscaping company with more than 15 years experience. We work for Calgary clients since 2004. We have since added some new services: decorative concrete curbing and ice rink installation (natural, refrigerated and synthetic ice rinks).

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Including garden design for kids and people with special needs.


Lawn installation, plant installation, tree planting and transplanting, hardscape construction (walkways, retaining walls, fences, patios, decks, arbors, etc.). Irrigation systems, ponds and waterfalls.


Lawn care (mowing and edging, fertilizing, pest control, weeding, aerating, renovating, overseeding), plant care (pruning and hedge trimming, fertilizing, pest control, weeding, replanting, mulching), tree care (pruning, fertilizing, pest control ~usually for smaller trees only), general cleanup, composting.

Lady Bug Creative Landscape & Design
143 Parkland Green S.E.
Calgary (AB) ~ T2J 3X6
Phone: 403.771.7377 or Email 

Visit the website: http://www.ladybug-landscape-design.com[/stextbox]